Tips on Playing Sbobet Parlay Ball Gambling and its Calculations

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Sbobet Parlay Ball Gambling Playing Tips and Calculations – Mix Parlay Game is a type of betting that must be selected at least 3 teams from 3 Dead Ball matches. You can also choose the type of ball market in the form of handicaps, over / under, Correct Score, 1 × 2, or Total Goals (number of goals) both in Half time (first round) or Full Time (2 × 45 minutes) .

The amount paid for the Mix Parlay Sbobet game is the multiplication of the odds value (kei) that you choose from the 3 teams multiplied by your Bet Value. The following is a guide on how to bet and calculate the Sbobet mix parlay.

After you select 3 teams a column will appear on the left and then you can enter your bet value. In that column will appear Mix Parlay @ 8,031 meaning it is a kei fee that you can multiply by the amount of your bet. For example, if your bet is 50 (Rp.50,000) then the prize multiplication is 8,031, if all three of your teams win in full, then the prize that you will get is = 50 x (8,031-1) = 703.1 (amounting to Rp.3501,155).

You need to remember that each existing Multiplication Value must be reduced by 1 which is then only multiplied by the Amount of the Bet Value that you have bet on.

Tips on Playing Sbobet Parlay Ball Gambling and its Calculations
How to Calculate Mix Parlay if there is 1 team to draw (draw)?

In this case, the calculation of the Mix Parlay game is to explain how a member link alternatif depobos who chose 4 teams but of the 4 selected teams experienced draws, so how do you know how to count them? If you are still confused, so it’s about time you read the information below.

If the mix parlay that you have installed wins in full, then your total winnings are as follows: 5,146, and if there is 1 team to draw, then the odds multiplied are only the winning team.

Over Argentina vs Italy = @ 1.75 (Full Win)
Over Portugal vs England = @ 1.74 (Full Win)
Over Netherlands vs Germany = @ 1.69 (Full Win)

And the calculation of the victory is = 1.75 * 1.74 * 1.69 = 5.146. with a total bet value of 150, the winnings obtained are (5,146-1) x 150 = 621,907

Already understand?

Here’s How to calculate the Mix Parlay if there is 1 team that wins 1/2 (half)

On this occasion I shared a little information about the Miax Parlay bet from the 3 selected teams and in that choice there was 1 team that only won half (half). Then how to calculate it? Look, for Odds the team that wins 1/2 is 2.20, then the way to calculate it is as follows: [(Party odds value is 1/2 won – 1): 1/2] + 1. Then for IFK Varnamo match with half win is [ (2.20-1): 1/2] +1 = 1.60. the calculation method is 2.20-1 = 1.20 then 1.20 * 0.5 (1/2) = 0.60 or it can be 1.20 / 2 = 0.60 and the continuation is 0.60 + 1 = 1.60.

IFK Varnamo vs Husqvarna FF = @ 1.60 (Half wins)
Ghana (n) vs Korea Republic = @ 2.04 (Full Win)
Jonkopings Sodra vs GAIS Goteborg = @ 2.05 (Full Win)

And the calculation of the winnings is = 1.60 * 2.04 * 2.05 = 6.691 with a total bet value of 15, the winnings obtained are (6,691-1) x 15 = 85,365

Tips on Playing Sbobet Parlay Ball Gambling and its Calculations
Next, how to calculate Mix Parlay if 1 team loses 1/2 (half)?

So now I will explain the Mix Parlay 3 betting team, which includes 1 team that has lost half. Oh yes, it was the calculation of 1 team that won half, so if now the calculation of 1 team that lost half. Is the calculation the same or not? Alright, see the description below:

AS Monaco vs Bordeaux = @ 1.65 (Full Win)
Nice vs Lille = @ 1.75 (Full Win)
Borussia Mnchengladbach vs Wender Bremen = @ 1.73 (Half Lost)

In this calculation it will be very easy if compared to 1 team that wins half, because in the calculation of 1 team that loses half is the total odds value of the team that wins in full divided by 2. Therefore the calculation is [(1.65 * 1.75): 2] = 1,443. And the calculation of the win is (1,443-1) x 100 = 44,430

That is an explanation of how the calculation of victory in the Sbobet Mix Parlay game that I can share, hopefully can be useful for you all. But if you do not want to be complicated and there is still a little doubt in your heart, then you can immediately visit to get full information and explanation. Thank you and good luck.