How to Always Win Fishing GO Online

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Even though it looks easy, it still needs special ways to increase the winning percentage. Because online fish shooting is a PvP Game or Player vs. Player. So that a bettor cannot win easily when playing by relying solely on luck.

Don’t need too much further ado! The following are specific ways to win easily shoot fish online that you can apply when playing.

Understanding the Rules
Understanding the rules would certainly be one way to get lots of wins more easily. It’s not just an online fish shooting game. However, all types of games require the bettor to understand all the rules, the flow and how to play. The most profitable fish shooting game

Shooting Big Fish
After understanding the rules, you have to shoot big fish. Where a big fish has a point value that is quite high. So, you can get large profits faster when you successfully kill it.

Targeting Big Fish Surrounded by Small Fish
The purpose of this is to prevent too many waste bullets being wasted. Because every bullet used to shoot will reduce the point of a bettor. So when the shot is missed, there is still the possibility of small fish around big fish.

Aim for Golden or Dark Green Frogs
A golden or dark green frog will appear suddenly. The function of the golden or dark green frog here is a JACKPOT. So when a bettor succeeds in killing the frog. Then the points will increase significantly.

Play as often as possible
Finally, continue playing online fish shooting games as often as possible. The goal is that you have sharp instincts. The accuracy and speed of your hands will be honed even when they have high flying hours. You can use the FREE PLAY feature provided to learn fish shooting games online in detail.